UGC creator management - 沙盒项目

Shanghai Game Operations Experienced
Job Description

1. Lead on the UGC creator program, create comprehesive incentive program to recruit creator, and continue to grow number and activeness of UGC creator and grow UGC content.

2. Manage the creator social media platforms, forums, and produce promotional campaign and educational assets to attract and support creator on the platform.

3. Work closely with the internal teams, partners and operation teams all over the world to manage UGC ecosystem, reach out to UGC creator, support UGC creator, and resolve issues.

4. Track and analyze the effectiveness and performance of the program to continually improving creator program and quality of UGC content.

5. Work closely with the developers and operation team, to set an internal review strategy to ensure the quality of the UGC content by the UGC creator.

6. Research and understand best practice of other platforms and games, research on the UGC creator behavior around the platforms and games, and their creator programs and initiatives.

Job Requirements

1. Previous experience (3~5 years) as in creator management, in industry such as social media and emmorce platforms, or gaming.

2. Understand UGC creator needs, and be able to keep good relationshiop and work with UGC creator.

3. Experience in Sandbox games is a plus. A strong interest and background in gaming is a plus, and preferably be an active gamer across multiple game genres and platforms.

4. Fluent in English and Mandarin in both oral speaking and writing

5. Preferably with experience in game or game platform operation, and external communication

6. Proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

7. Ability to work with a wide variety of people and take the initiative with strong drive