Job Category
Job Type
Influencer Manager (Morocco Based)
Jakarta Marketing Entry Level / Experienced

This role is a growth role and one of our pillars to expand and grow Free Fire in the region. As an influencer manager, you will be deeply connected with the Free Fire content creator ecosystem to enable them to create the highest quality content to grow their follower base.

[HCM] Collaborator/Intern, Graphic Design
Ho Chi Minh Game Design Intern
[HN] Collaborator/Intern, Channel Growth
Hanoi Marketing Intern
Associate/Senior Associate, Product Operations
Hanoi Product Management Experienced
[HN] Collaborator/Intern, Video Editor
Hanoi Game Design Intern
Product Revenue Asscociate
Jakarta Game Operations Entry Level / Experienced

Product Operation is designed for outstanding fresh graduates or professionals with less than 3 years of work experience. You will in charge of Store Optimization and make sure we give the right item to our customers. This role needs to be good with data analytics and forecasting.

Software Engineer (DevOps)
Singapore Engineering Entry Level / Experienced

As a DevOps engineer, we are responsible for improving the availability and reliability of our services using edge technologies. Working with the existing DevOps and SA teams, we are empowered to support server management and providing consistent quality service to millions of our gamers.

Software Engineer (Server)
Singapore Engineering Entry Level / Experienced

As Server Engineer, we are in charge of the design and implementation of services, systems, and platforms that are high in performance, availability, and scalability. Diving deep into codes to solve problems, we carry an important role in system optimization and support a better performing experience for our millions of users.

Community Manager (South Africa Based)
Jakarta Marketing Experienced / Entry Level

As Community Manager, you will work closely with Free Fire SSA community to grow and maintain the Community presence in SSA countries. You will have the opportunity to present and execute multiple strategies to grow esports, community building, and community satisfaction in SSA countries.

Growth and Data Analyst
Jakarta Game Operations Entry Level / Experienced

As Growth and Data Analyst team, you'll be in charge of conducting analysis, making insightful recommendations, and designing solutions to address operational issues.