I would like to include more details in my resume or portfolio. Do I re-submit my application?
Before submitting your application, please ensure all your information is accurate and up-to-date as you will be unable to modify your application after submission.
Do I need to be a hardcore gamer to join Garena?
Nope, we welcome all candidates who show a keen interest in the tech and online games industry to apply! However, for some roles such as game operations and esports, you may need to have a stronger understanding of the games industry and markets to stand out among other candidates.
How many rounds of interviews are there?
The number of interview rounds vary according to the job type and seniority of the role. You will be informed by the recruiter on the number of interview rounds.
What would I be assessed on during the interviews?
Our recruiters and hiring managers want to get to know you and learn about your various experiences and skills! You can expect some behavioral, hypothetical, technical, or case-based questions to assess on the job competencies which will differ according to the role that you have applied for.
How can I prepare for my interview?
Research and analyse the role you have applied for, and think of why this role excites you! We also recommend that you familiarise yourself with our 5 core values as we are looking for like-minded individuals to join us. Lastly, come ready with some questions of your own. This will show us that you are excited to understand more about the role you're applying for.
I am unable to attend the interview at the scheduled time slot as I have something urgent to attend to, what should I do?
We strongly encourage you to attend your scheduled interview where possible as changing your interview timeslot could cause a delay in the process. In the case that you have an urgent matter to attend to, please contact the recruiter to reschedule your interview.
I have a competing offer with a deadline. What should I do?
If you are in the midst of the interview process with us, you can let the recruiter know about your competing offer in order to schedule interviews more quickly. If possible, it is also recommended to check with the other employer if they can extend the offer deadline.
Can I apply for more than one role concurrently?
Yes, you may apply for multiple roles! However, we encourage you to think carefully and apply for the role that best aligns with your skills, experience, and interests! Our recruiters will review your application to determine the most suitable role for you.
How can I know my application status?
Our recruiters will keep you updated on your application status and the next steps of the hiring process via email. Due to the high volume of applications, our recruiters will need some time to get back to you.
Can I re-apply to the same role if I did not get it previously?
Yes, if the position has not been filled, you may apply for the role again. However, we recommend you to upskill yourself before you re-apply for the same role.
What happens at the end of my internship? Am I guaranteed a full-time role?
We may consider you for a full-time role after your internship. However, this will be dependent on your performance during your internship period.