Sea Group - Infrastructure Engineer (DC Site)

Taipei Engineering and Technology Experienced (Individual Contributor)

Our Infrastructure team provides the end-to-end managed services and solutions for the Group's entire Internet infrastructure alongside running business applications.

We excel in building the architecture, providing solutions and operations of data centre, connectivity, cloud, networking, system, storage and security. 

We are a proud provider of high-quality and stable running business applications and services to our internal business units.

Data Center Engineers implement the entire backbone data center infrastructure that ensures all Sea products and services run without a hitch. As a Data Center Engineer, you will manage the IDC facilities, servers and network equipment that run over server applications across all regions for our massive user base.

Job Description
  1. 依據服務需求,安裝網路設備與伺服器。
  2. 與其他技術團隊合作,管理與維護伺服器系統服務。
  3. 維護、排除數據中心系統運行狀況並能主動思考解決出現的任何問題。
  4. 部署與配置 Linux 系統。
  5. 自動化工具的管理與撰寫。
  6. 根據專案需求,與業務、技術專案經理討論,並提供技術方案、編寫文件。
  7. 特殊節日活動技術支援,需配合 On Call(約 1~2 個月一次)。


  1. Setup and install network and server hardware according to business requirements. 
  2.  Collaborate with other technical teams and manage and maintain servers and services. 
  3. Maintain, diagnose and troubleshoot infrastructure system health and fix any issues that arise. 
  4. Deploy and configure Linux server operating system. 
  5. Automated script and tools management and writing. 
  6. According to the requirements of the project, communicate with Business, TPM(Tech Project Manager) provide technical solutions, and write guide documents. 
  7. Campaign on-site/remote support.
Job Requirements
  1. 具 3 年以上的伺服器系統 Linux/Windows/VMware 管理與維護經驗。
  2. 具基礎網路知識(OSI、IPv4、Routing)並瞭解如何網路故障查修。
  3. 熟悉個人電腦與伺服器硬體 (CPU, RAM, DISK, RAID, GPU)。
  4. 能夠管理小型項目,有團隊合作精神及良好的溝通能力。
  5. 具良好的邏輯思考能力,能獨立思考並主動解決問題。
  6. 具基本英文閱讀及信件寫作能力。


  1. 數據中心或企業網路管理經驗。
  2. 系統大量(Linux/Windows)部署經驗。
  3. VMware, Cloud Server(AWS/GCP/Azure)的管理與維護經驗。
  4. 有 CI/CD 建置和管理經驗。
  5. 使用 Ansible 自動化工具的經驗。
  6. 有 Kubernetes 管理經驗者優先。


  1. 3 years or above of relevant work experience in Server/Linux/Windows/VMware technologies.
  2. Have basic network knowledge(OSI, IPv4, Routing) and understand network troubleshooting.
  3. Familiar with computer and server hardware (CPU, RAM, DISK, RAID, GPU).
  4. Able to manage small projects,  a team player with strong communication skills.
  5. Able to be independent thinking and work independently.
  6. Basic reading & writing skills in English.

[Extra point]

  1. Experience in data or enterprise network management.
  2. Operating system (Windows/Linux) extensive deployment experience.
  3. Have VMware, Cloud (AWS/GCP/Azure...etc) management and maintenance experience. 
  4. Experience in CI/CD construction and management.
  5. Experience with Ansible automation tools.
  6. Experience in Kubernetes administration.