Product QA & Operations

Jakarta Game Operations Experienced (Individual Contributor)

As a Product QA & Operations, you will be responsible for running the daily live operations of the gaming product including configuration, quality assurance, live environment handling, and operational evaluation, but not limited to initiating and contributing to gaming product improvement projects.

Job Description
  • Operate and maintain the daily operations of the gaming product from configuration, quality assurance, live environment handling (including bugs and hacks), and operational evaluation.
  • Conduct deep investigations into product health performance and live reports from users to ensure smooth product experiences.
  • Interact with the market and consumers frequently to obtain required information and useful insights for a better product experience.
  • Collaborate with both local and global stakeholders in solving various product-related matters.
  • Develop impactful proposals for product improvement projects alongside the research and operational teams.
  • Deliver acceptable results over other product-related ad hoc tasks as required.
Job Requirements
  • Fresh graduates or young professionals with 1-3 years experience in a quality assurance role or related field (preferably in tech companies)
  • Passionate about games with basic knowledge of the gaming industry in Indonesia, preferably being familiar with recent shooting games.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills along with the ability to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams in both Bahasa and English language.
  • Possess strong logical, analytical, and critical thinking abilities in identifying problems and coming up with effective solutions.
  • Having a track record of working with meticulous works that require high attention to details would be preferred